Wow Momo Extends Their Hands for Anandaghar Children

Paediatric HIV infection is a growing problem in most regions of the world. We know very little about the impacts of familial AIDS amongst children and adolescents thus we grow many superstitions and credulities on the subject AIDS. Without any feasible knowledge and information we react to the victims and a sense of alienation develops. The disease is associated with severe physical and mental trauma, emotional and psychological exploitation. We are basically helpless about the innocent victims of this terminal disease and so when a fast food giant like Wow Momo extends a hand of friendship for these innocuous children we cannot hold us back from traces of emotions.


The Event

Wow momo organised an event with the children of Anandaghar at the City Centre 1 on 1st December, the day we celebrate as World AIDS Day. The children of Anandaghar had a gala time during the afternoon with fun, food and frolic. The gaming zone was opened for them and they enjoyed every moment in that place wearing a heavenly smile on their face.


The little wonders performed different acrobatics and cultural programs followed by sumptuous refreshments provided by Wow Momo. Eminent personalities such as Superstar Prasenjit Chattopadhyay, fashion designer Agnimitra Paul, veteran singer the ever smiling Usha Uttup, composer Debajyoti Mishra, footballer Dipendu Biswas and many more socialites took out time from their busy schedule to encourage the little children while performing.


The dance performance by Anandaghar gave us a hint about people with a dogged tenacity can do everything in life. All the celebrities encouraged the sincere effort of wow momo for the children of Anandaghar.

The Initiative

The City Centre event with the kids of Anandaghar was just the tip of the iceberg, wow momo will continue their effort throughout the month of December by charging a mere sum of Rs. 5 from every purchase of wow momo from any of their umpteen counters to donate a good sum to Anandaghar at the end of the month. Anandaghar works rigorously to offer palliative care facility to the children living with AIDS. It is a big generosity of wow momo for taking such a firm step towards the caring, sharing and attaching emotionally with these little children.


Come; let us make a fresh start with wow momo in this great initiative by extending our hands towards a new morning sans illnesses such as AIDS.





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