Streets of India, a Grand Street Shopping Festival in Kolkata

If it is November’s Kolkata and you are not witnessing any gala event in Swabhumi you are definitely not in the city of joy then. Streets of India organized such a jamboree on 11th to 13th November in Swabhumi, the heritage plaza consisting fashion, food and fun. The extra ordinary shopping festival was the first of a kind in history of India where people experienced all the specialties of major streets across the country under a single roof.


About The Event

When you are in Rome, act like a Roman; suppose you do not exactly like to visit Rome right now but your tongue tantalizes for authentic Italian pizza and you get that same kind of pizza sitting in your own city, how will you feel?

Yes, Streets of India is all about that, Jaipur’s ethnic wear and jootis, Mumbai’s fashion accessories and shoes, Delhi’s trendy fashionable wears, Benaras’s traditional saris are present together carrying the essence of the city. The three day long mega event attracted more than 10000 visitors each day. Various traders across India arrived with much zeal to participate in the grandeur.

For the gastronomes there are lots of delectable items starting from Hyderabad’s biriyani, Delhi’s golgappas, Jaipur’s mirchi bada, Kolkata’s misti doi and lot more. As an added advantage every day had cultural programs with rock bands, singers and dance troupes. A true connoisseur availed the chance for shopping that started from Rs. 100 and went till Rs 8000.

With a focus on ‘affordable shopping’ the organizers kept no stones unturned for the customers to not just buy but buy in bulk. Every single person wants a designer wear in his/ her wardrobe. Streets of India gave them umpteen opportunities to be a proud owner of a designer outfit. With a sole intension of offering a gala time to everyone the event not only concentrated on selling items but it also connected the tradition, culture and art of our country in a single thread.

With more than 250 participants the unique shopping festival had all the state handlooms and handicrafts along with award winning artisans and weavers. Poet, painter, journalist, politician and media personality Sri. Pritish Nandi was the creative designer for the event. The communication and public relation was taken care by renowned Sri. Tapan Chaki.


The Wow Connection

Wow Momo, the revolutionary momo house was a proud participant in this grand event. With numerable varieties and options they are the trend setter in the field of Kolkata’s fast food. Kolkata, being a heaven for gourmets already has lots of variation for fast foods; wow momo even broke the record with fusion food items such as Moburg, momo augratin, momo sizzler, tanduri momo and the revolutionary chocolate momo. Awesome, taste, impeccable presentation, swift delivery and polite behavior made them reach to the top level in no time.

With much predicted success wow momo achieved the high level in the street of India event. Three days went over in a blur giving wow momo more scope of proliferation. People from everywhere praised wow momo’s innovative promotional ideas and food presentation in the event. We can call them the best ‘Street’ of India without a speck of doubt.





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